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Cake Flavours

Classic Flavours

Vanilla - Classic vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream 

Vanilla & Jam - Same as the vanilla cake, but with layered with raspberry jam

Chocolate - Rich chocolate sponge, with chocolate buttercream and layered with chocolate ganache

Lemon - Lemon flavoured sponge, with sweet lemon buttercream and a tart lemon curd filling

Caramel - Caramel flavoured sponge, with caramel buttercream thick caramel between the layers 

White Chocolate - Vanilla sponge with white chocolate buttercream and a white chocolate filling 

Red Velvet - Classic red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream 

Bakewell - Vanilla sponge with almond buttercream and filled with raspberry jam

Nutella - Chocolate cake with Nutella buttercream and layered with extra Nutella

Biscoff - Vanilla sponge with Biscoff buttercream and layered with more Biscoff spread 

Kinder Bueno - Rich chocolate sponge cake, filled with white chocolate hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache  

Carrot Cake - Subtly spiced carrot cake, made with sultanas and apple, filled with cream cheese buttercream (our recipe does not contain walnuts)

Strawberry - Strawberry flavoured sponge, with strawberry flavoured buttercream 

Chocolate Peanut Butter - Chocolate sponge cake, peanut butter buttercream and chocolate ganache 

Mint Chocolate - Chocolate cake, mint chocolate buttercream and mint chocolate ganache 

Chocolate Orange - Chocolate cake with chocolate orange buttercream and chocolate orange ganache  

Chocolate Coconut - Chocolate sponge with coconut buttercream and filled with chocolate ganache 

Banana Caramel - caramel flavoured sponge with banana flavoured buttercream and layered with caramel 

Coffee & Walnut - coffee and walnut sponge with coffee buttercream 

Malteser - Chocolate sponge, filled with Malteser flavoured buttercream and chocolate ganache 


Create your own

You can create your own custom flavours by choosing one of each:

Sponge Buttercream Filling (optional)
Vanilla Vanilla Raspberry Jam
Chocolate Chocolate Strawberry Jam
Almond White Chocolate Chocolate 
Lemon Lemon White Chocolate
Caramel Caramel  Cookies & Cream 
Strawberry Salted Caramel Peanut Butter
Red Velvet Banana Biscoff Spread
Coffee Orange Nutella
Carrot  Mint  White Choc Hazelnut (Bueno) 
Cinnamon Coffee Caramel
Almond Salted Caramel
Biscoff Lemon Curd
White Choc Hazelnut (Bueno) Blueberry Jam
Peach Black Cherry Jam 
Nutella Blackcurrant Jam
Bubblegum  Pineapple Jam 
Almond Pecan Pie Filling 
Passionfruit Apple Pie Filling 
Pistachio Mango and Passionfruit
Cream Cheese
Vanilla Custard
Green Tea 
Chai Tea


If the flavour you are looking for is not listed, please feel free to ask in your enquiry and we will see what we can do for you.